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Sculptural necklace in 24k gold-plated, recycled 925 silver. Designed and handmade in Oslo. 

The necklace comes with a black ribbon in pure semi-matte silk. A logo plate in gold-plated silver, is sewn to the end of the ribbon.

All our jewelry is made to order. You can expect a shipping notification within two 2 to 4 weeks. Please contact us for urgent orders.



The Bast Necklaces are a part of The Ostara Collection. Ostara is the name of the ancient goddess of the spring.

All the pieces are named after different goddesses and is inspired by the different spirals, curls and coils which appears everywhere around us: In plants, snail shells, the helix in our DNA, galaxies in the infinite universe and even in mathematics like the Fibonacci numbers, fractals, sacred geometry and the golden ratio.

The Bast Necklaces are named after the goddess Bast which was the daughter of the sun god Ra. Bast is known as the goddess of cats, fertility, secrets and magic.



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