"In a world brimming with fast fashion at a mass scale, Aur Studio aims to be the absolute opposite. Each piece is handcrafted locally and made to order, from up to 100 percent recycled silver and gold. Production, materials, packaging and transport have all been carefully considered to ensure that it aligns with founder Frida Feline Dahl's sustainable values."


"Each piece of jewelry by Aur Studio is based on a hand-carved model, created in their studio in Oslo, from 90-100 % recycled gold and silver, materials that have a long lifespan. ​They don’t mass produce their pieces - rather the opposite. They offer order on-demand which is a good way to reduce waste.

The collection Ripples has modernist art and architecture as important sources of inspiration. Another collection, Hydra, is inspired by the brush strokes in Van Gogh’s landscape paintings, together with a little hint of the 1990s."


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    Timeless pieces of wearable art

    Growing up in a small town in the Norwegian countryside with an extensive ironworks history, and with a father who is an artist and blacksmith, Frida uses her legacy to create strong and timeless jewelry pieces with traditional craft techniques. Each piece of jewelry is based on a hand-carved model, sculpted in our Oslo-studio by designer and founder Frida, and casted at a local family-run foundry.

    At Aur Studio, we are deeply committed to growing a sustainable jewelry brand. Which is why our jewelry is seasonless with a high focus on good craftsmanship and well thought through designs that last.