At Aur Studio, we are deeply committed to growing a sustainable jewelry brand, and we want to take responsibility in a world filled with mass production and consumption.

We are highly aware that sustainability improvement is an ongoing process that is never finished, and we are motivated to make conscious choices in every step forward, with our beloved planet in mind. ​Our jewelry is made from 90-100 % recycled gold and silver and is all locally produced, and by this we reduce transportation emissions to a minimum. We have also chosen to work with materials that have a long lifespan. ​



Aur Studio is a seasonless brand. This means that we don´t want to follow the traditional, seasonal fashion cycle - which we are happy to see more and more designers are taking a step back from. Instead, we make pieces that follow a more-or-less trendless and gender-fluid cycle, focusing on good craftsmanship and well thought through designs that last.



At Aur Studio we do not mass produce our pieces - rather the opposite. We offer order on-demand in our webshop, which is a good way to reduce waste. Most of our customers want to invest in pieces that have longevity, and to wait a couple of weeks for their order to be produced doesn´t seem to make any difference in the long run. ​


As a small business, we can’t do everything all at once, but our ambitions are high, and as a start, we have strived to find environment-friendly packaging solutions containing no plastic. ​ Our cardboard boxes and the shred paper fill that we use for packing are made of uncoloured brown cardboard, making it easy to recycle the waste. They are also certified with ISO 14001 and FSC®. The company that produces them has regular controls of their paper production to ensure sustainable and legal logging. By using products and services from this provider, we pay them an environmental supplement that contributes to a continued sustainable production.


All international orders are sent with UPS carbon neutral shipping. UPS's carbon neutral option supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment's transport. UPS has supported projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.