Timeless pieces of wearable art

Aur Studio is a sustainable label of fine sculptural jewelry based in Oslo, Norway.

The founder and designer, Frida Feline Dahl, has a background from both art and fashion design and combines these disciplines in her work. 
At Aur Studio we want to take responsibility in a world filled with mass production, which is why our jewelry is seasonless and made-to-order. Each piece of jewelry is based on a hand-carved model, created in our studio in Oslo. Our jewelry is locally produced, from 90-100 % recycled gold and silver.

​Aur Studio has launched three collection since the brand was founded in 2020. 
The debut collection, Ripples, has modernist art and architecture as important sources of inspiration, with a modern approach rooted in Scandinavian minimalism.
The second collection, Hydra, is a dive into an imaginary elderly woman’s jewelry box - containing jewelry from her and her husband’s refined wardrobe, from a long and eventful life in Italy. The collection is also inspired by the brush strokes in Van Gogh’s landscape paintings together with a little hint of the 90s. 

The third collection is named Ostara. All the pieces in the collection are named after goddesses and is inspired by the different spirals, curls and coils which appears everywhere around us: In plants, snail shells, the helix in our DNA, galaxies in the infinite universe and even in mathematics like the Fibonacci numbers, fractals, sacred geometry and the golden ratio.
At Aur Studio we are deeply committed to take conscious choices in every step - from production and materials to packaging and transport. By making timeless designs in high quality materials, done with traditional craft skills, our ambition is to create pieces that are made to last.
 Frida in the Studio

"We are highly aware that sustainability improvement is an ongoing process that is never finished, and we are motivated to make conscious choices in every step forward."
- Frida, founder of Aur Studio