Jewelry Care

We want your pieces to last! Read our Care Guide to maximize your jewelrys lifespan. 


  • Avoid contact with chemicals from perfume, lotions, hairspray, household remedies etc.

  • Remove before exercising, swimming, bathing and sleeping.

  • We recommend not to store your jewelry in the bathroom as the moisture can cause rapid oxidation.

  • Store your jewelry in the provided jewelry box to prevent scratching.

  • Clean your plated jewellery with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt it has acquired. Gently rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth also helps restore shine.

Silver Jewelry 


Silver can get oxidised, and in some cases it will travel through the plating and show as a discolouring of the gold plating. If you see a light discolour, you can use a silver polishing cloth and gently rub on the area until it’s gone.

If your jewelry is showing heavy signs of oxidisation, we recommend that you dip a polishing cloth into some silver cleaning solution and rub on the areas affected. Do not dip the jewelry into the silver clean solution, as it can damage elements like, pearls, rubber, stones etc.


After the cleaning rinse the jewelry in water to remove any leftover chemicals.​

Gold Plating


Gold plating is a process where a very thin layer of gold is placed on the surface of a different material. All of our jewelry is plated on top of a base of 925 sterling silver. Therefore the silver will become visible, if the plating wears off. At Aur Studio we plate the jewelry with 18 karat gold. 


If the piece is gold plated please do NOT polish!  This will only remove the plating.


Unfortunately, gold plated jewelry wears over time. It is difficult to accurately predict how long a gold plating will last. It depends on how often you wear it, where on the body it’s placed and how active you are. Rings are exposed to more wear and tear than earrings for example, so you can expect the plating to wear off quicker.


Luckily it is possible to transform your beloved jewelry back to the way it looked when purchased. We plate the gold by hand in our studio in Oslo, and for about 300-400 NOK/32-42 USD (depending on the size of the jewelry) we can gold plate it again for you. Shipping must be covered by the customer. Unfortunately this service does not include pieces with chains. Please contact us for more information: